---------- Start of the winterseason 09. Dec. 2022 ---------- End of the winterseason 23. Apr. 2023 ----------

 Due to the current information from the Arlberger Bergbahnen, all cable cars and lifts in the upper area of ​​the ski area remain closed!

For this reason, the expected start of the winter season has been postponed from our side to December 9th, 2022!






Answer to the question:

"Can I bring my dog?" 

"We have been running this hut for over 20 years now.

Never before has a dog taken towels,

Spoon stolen or pictures removed from the walls.

We have never had to throw out a dog,

because he roars around drunk in the middle of the night

or harassed the employees.

Never before has a dog drunk the minibar empty

and then fill the bottles with water.

And we have never experienced it at all that

a dog has not paid his bill.

Yes, your dog is welcome and if he

vouches for them, he is welcome to bring you along." 






 by IHC | Datenschutzerklärung