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For this winter, the following Corona cancellation insurance applies to all bookings for the state of Vorarlberg! 










Update: May 27th, 2020 - Hut overnight stays: These 4 points are to be considered

Huts should only be visited in a healthy condition and with mouth-nose protection that you have brought with you. For overnight stays, a reservation is required in advance (online or by phone) - there is no sleeping space without a reservation. It is also mandatory to bring your own sleeping bag (light down or summer sleeping bag) and cushion cover (= pillow case). The Alpine Club also recommends bringing your own towels.

Important: There are no alpine club blankets on huts (hut sleeping bags alone are generally not sufficiently warm and can therefore remain at home.)

4 key points for hut overnight stays in 2020 (in enumerated form):

1.Visit our huts only in a healthy condition!
2. Bring your own mouth and nose protection!
3.Reserve your place to stay - no reservation without a reservation!
4th night only with your own sleeping bag and cushion / pillow case (light down or summer sleeping bag - hut sleeping bags alone are generally not sufficient to warm you)!

If no spatial separations can be set up in sleeping quarters, a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people not living in the same household must be maintained.

resevations for the summer you can do everytime with e-mail!



Answer to the question:

"Can I bring my dog?" 

"We have been running this hut for over 20 years now.

Never before has a dog taken towels,

Spoon stolen or pictures removed from the walls.

We have never had to throw out a dog,

because he roars around drunk in the middle of the night

or harassed the employees.

Never before has a dog drunk the minibar empty

and then fill the bottles with water.

And we have never experienced it at all that

a dog has not paid his bill.

Yes, your dog is welcome and if he

vouches for them, he is welcome to bring you along." 


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