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A Bit of Local History

Step back in time .....

Ulmer Hütte is a Category II Alpinist Association and is operated by the Ulm Section of the German Alpinist Association. When the Hut was festively inaugurated after completion on September 05, 1903, no one would have thought that one day it would be right at the heart of one of the most famous ski resorts in the world.

While the Hut was visited by a modest number of 98 summer guests and 62 winter guests during its first year of operation in 1903-1904, the number of guests increased steadily in the years to come. In the winter of 1912-1913 1,000 guests visited Ulmer Hütte. By then it was clear that Hut was to draw more guests in the winter than in the summer. Thus the history of Ulmer Hütte is interwoven with the history of skiing on Arlberg Mountain, dubbed “The Cradle of Alpine Skiing”.

Ulmer Hütte was closed for the public during World War I. When Italy joined the Entente and entered into the War in May 1915, a flight observation point was installed there—but only one single Italian plane was observed…

A new record number of 2,298 guests visited the Hut in the winter of 1920-1921, superseded in the same summer by 2,865 visitors. With the worldwide economic crisis of the 1920s the number of guests dramatically declined. When inflation was successfully controlled by the implementation of a new currency in November 1923, the numbers of visitors increased again. In 1938 a cable car to transport supplies and luggage was erected and made the operation of the Hut much easier.

The numbers of visitors remained the same. During World War II, the winter of 1940-1941 saw the incredible number of 14,000 visitors; 7,000 of which spent the night on Ulmer Hütte. Considering the war-related difficulties in the operation of the Hut these numbers are truly amazing. However, the Hut remained open until 1944. In the winter of 1944-1945 the Hut was seized by HJ and closed to the public. As all mountain huts operated by German sections, Ulmer Hütte was confiscated as German property abroad and held in trust by the Austrian Alpinist Association until 1956.

Complete renovation works and various enlargements were carried out in the subsequent years. A new era in the history of Ulmer Hütte was launched on December 30, 1954 with the inauguration of the Valluga Cable Car, positioning the Hut at the center of the Arlberg Ski Resort. This brought about the change from a simple mountain shelter to the convenient on-mountain guesthouse you see today. Expensive conversions along with upgrading of the bathrooms had to be carried out. In 1995 the Hut was supplied with the sewer at the cost of Euro 320,000.00.

The most recent refurbishments took place in the summer of 2003. The 100th anniversary of Ulmer Hütte was celebrated with a further improvement of the building. The gable was lifted and a new roof was added, providing a more harmonious appearance and additional lodging space in the attic. These new rooms are bathed in light and offer breathtaking views of the glorious surrounding mountain scenery. As the original dormitories with bunks were removed, Ulmer Hütte now offers less guest accommodation. However, the Hut now sleeps 52 people in full comfort at friendly twin and quad rooms that offer the utmost in convenience and serenity.

First tenant of the Hut in 1903 was the owner of Post Hotel in Stuben, Friedrich Fritz with his wife Fanny. Peter and Luise Riedel ran Ulmer Hütte from 1945 to 1972.

In 1972, Franz Schweighofer became the new tenant of Ulmer Hütte. On May 01, 1993 he handed the keys over to Karin and Heimo Turin. Being the fourth tenants in the centennial history of Ulmer Hütte, we sustain the Hut’s long-standing tradition of excellence by making your stay as convenient as possible.

Our greatest compliments come from the guests who return to us again and again. We welcome you to browse our website for pictures and detailed information on staying with us in the mountains.

Discover the sublime high above St. Anton at Ulmer Hütte. Whether you're here to quietly remove yourself from the routine or try your hand at our long list of activities, we and our team will make your visit a peak experience. One thing is certain, summer or winter, the beauty of Arlberg Mountain is an inspiration that will stay with you long after you leave.


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